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Women day special Beendani salutes the legendary queens who created enormous history.

Women day special Beendani salutes the legendary queens who created enormous history.
     Women’s have done lots of things for the children’s right from the time they are born till the time they are capable of handling their problem. So let us give one day to our mother, sister, and all the women’s who have done social things and done lot of sacrifices for our nation.

<p>India is very famous of its culture as well as history since long decades back. Thousands of women’s had sacrificed their lives for the kingdoms and their families. Many of the women’s have taken an oath of not being living disgraceful life when their husband will be killed by any of the warrior. Most of the queens have immortalized their names in the pages of history while some of them are to be known by their work and bravery. Here are some of the legendary queens who’s sacrifices are today also are sung by the generations.</p>

<b>Queen Padmini</b>

<p>When visiting the history of the most noblewomen, the first name come to the mind is Rani Padmini, who was known for her bravery and beauty. The queen of Chittor was famous for her bravery and beauty in whole India. After catching a glimpse of the queen, Alauddin Khilji was enamored for Rani Padmini beauty also known the most powerful ruler of Khilji dynasty. He then tried to acquire her for his harem through the trickery. He then tried to imprisoned her husband Rana Ratan Singh and told him to come in Delhi with him as a ransom. Padmini also brave fully saving his husband by a trick of which Khilji was not aware by sending warrior in the clothes of female and started the war right there, performing Saka (where Rajput warriors fight till their last breath until they are dead) for the sake of the Rajputi women’s who were ready to perform johar. Led by the noble queen Rani Padmini, all the women’s out there jump for their self-respect into self-immolation called (Johar).</p>

<b>Rani Samyukta</b>

<p>The daughter of kannauj and the wife of King Prithviraj Chouhan was famous for the beauty and the smartest brains. She was said to be determined woman at that time. She married King Prithviraj Chouhan after thinking of many odds at that time, thus the story was so widespread that they were said to be the most romantic couples at that time. King Prithviraj fallen for her without ever even getting glance at her looks.</p>

<b>Maharani Jijabai</b>

<p>Maharani Jijabai was famous also called as Rajmata Jijabai. She married to the military commander and was the mother of Shivaji, the founder of the Maratha Empire. She sacrificed her whole life for Shivaji right from his childhood to adulthood; she was the ideal mother who worshipped her whole life for his son.</p>

<b>Rani Laxmibai</b>

<p>Rani Laxmibai real name was Manikarnika. When she married to the Maharaja of Jhansi then she got the name as Rani Laxmibai who was known for his bravery as well as personality. She had also taken the part in the revolt of 1857.</p>

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