About - Beendani Store

Welcome to beendani.in, its official website of Beendani Store (OPC) website. We Promote Rajasthani culture around the globe. We post different posts in the blog section where we share information about Rajasthani culture. We also sell traditional Rajasthani cloth and traditional Rajputi jewelry.

Beendani Store (OPC) Private Limited company has 3 retail store chains at different locations in Mumbai and Jodhpur. We also have two channel partners with the trade names of "Banadi '' and"Sanjudi " . These channels also deal with traditional Rajasthani poshak and Rajputi Jewellery.

Rajputi Traditional

Our Vision

Rajasthan is the land of bravery and its proudful culture. It is very cultural region from the beginning. The colorful rajwadi cloths and heavy Rajputi jewelry is always very popular over the globe. Rajputi poshak and Rajasthani jewellery is the mark of royal wearing, it becoming very popular in all states of India and people love to wear the Rajasthani dress and jewelry with very graceful manner.

Our Mission

At Beendani Store, we are trying to bring this colorful and traditional Rajasthani wearing to the people and promoting this royal culture in the world. Rajasthani poshak and jewellery is traditionally belongs to Rajput community, so its always symbol of royalty and signature of elite wearing.

Rajasthani Wedding Culture