Satin Poshak


Satan or Satin Rajputi Poshak at Beendani Store

Welcome to the real world of Rajputi Poshak at Beendani Store, where timeless royalty meets with Rajasthani craftsmanship. Our collection features opulent Satin or Satan fabrics adorned with intricate works such as Zari, Gotapatti, Lafa, Pitan, and Zardoji. Each piece tells a story of tradition and grace, capturing the essence of royal Rajputi attire.

Enjoy the elegant touch and comfort feel of Japani Satin, Sambu Satin, and Bemberg Satan varieties that elevate the richness of every ensemble. Our commitment to quality ensures that you experience the utmost comfort and style, making you feel like royalty on any occasion.

All satin poshaks are made  of Lehenga, Kurti, Kanchali in Satin, and Odhani Hamrahi or Pure. The Lehenga, with its flowing silhouette, adds a touch of grandeur to your wardrobe. The Kurti exudes charm with its intricate detailing, while the Kanchali in Satin complements the ensemble with grace. Complete your look with the Odhani Hamrahi or Pure, adding an extra layer of sophistication.

Buy your desired and latest Rajputi satin poshak at Beendani Store  yourself in the world of heritage and tradition as you explore our exclusive Rajputi Poshak collection. At Beendani Store, we take pride in offering you the finest craftsmanship, ensuring that every piece reflects the essence of Rajputi culture. Elevate your style and embrace the royal allure with our exquisite Satin Poshak collection.